Date: Sep 16, 2021
    Posted By: New Room

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has announced an indoor masking mandate will come into effect on Friday followed by a proof-of-vaccination policy.

In a video posted to Facebook Thursday morning, Moe said the fourth wave is being driven almost entirely by unvaccinated people.

The choice to not get vaccinated is creating consequences for others and I would say very soon, it is going to create consequences for those who have made the decision to remain unvaccinated, Moe said.


Moe said a proof-of-vaccination policy will be implemented beginning Oct. 1 with the interim indoor masking measure likely lifted later in the month

The government of Saskatchewan has been very patient, possibly we have been too patient and that time for patience is now over, Moe said during a news conference in Saskatoon Thursday afternoon.

To not get vaccinated is creating consequences … for others and now it, unfortunately, is going to create consequences for you.

In a press release sent ahead of the media availability, the Saskatchewan government said that proof of vaccination or a negative test will be required at establishments including restaurants, casinos, movie theatres and indoor facilities hosting ticketed sporting events.

The same requirements will be put in place for all provincial and Crown employees.

Moe said the negative tests that can be used in lieu of proof of vaccination will not by paid for with public money.

You will be providing (the test) on your own, through one of the private operators that operate here in the province and youll be paying for it as well, Moe said.

Under the plan, proof of vaccination will not be required at retailers, grocery stores, places of worship and fast food restaurants offering takeout and delivery.

Non-ticketed amateur sporting events, business meetings and places of business closed to the public will also be exempt.

The rule will not apply to indoor private gatherings. The masking order will require non-medical masks to be worn in all indoor public spaces.

Youth athletics will be exempted from the masking rules, with those under the age of 18 not required to wear masks while engaged in athletic activity.


Speaking at the news conference, Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Saqib Shahab said higher vaccination uptake would help protect children under 12 who dont have the option.

It is astounding to see that 98 per cent of children who test positive are in households who are unvaccinated, about 330 cases so far, Shahab said.

Shahab also took aim at those refusing the jab because they are mired in conspiracy theories.

It is surprising to meet young people who work frontline in restaurants and retail who are fully vaccinated and they say their parents or grandparents are not because theyve seen something on social media, Shahab said.

I think anyone who is deep into misinformation needs to course-correct themselves.

Saskatchewan Health Authority CEO Scott Livingstone said even with the new measures in place, the health authority is bracing for an expected surge in people needing treatment due to the number of COVID-19 cases already present in the community.

We will be tested as an organization like we have never been tested before over the upcoming weeks, Livingstone said.


The Saskatchewan government also said it is working to immediately expand widespread access to home rapid-antigen COVID-19 screening tests.

Residents will be able to obtain the tests from locations operated by the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) and other agencies.

The province emphasizes the home tests are intended to be a self-screening tool, with SHA testing still needed to confirm cases with certainty.

Moe said that tests required


Moe last held a news conference less than a week ago where he announced a reinstated self-isolation order for COVID-19 positive residents and the reduction of some health care services to ease the stress on the system.

During the Sept. 10 news conference, Moe said he firmly believes being vaccinated is a choice and that he was resistant to the idea of creating two classes of citizens based on vaccination saying would be a very difficult and very divisive path for the government.

Moe has resisted calls to reinstitute public health measures such an indoor masking mandate, describing such steps as stopgap measure.

“They were always intended to be temporary, and they were to get us to a point where vaccines are largely available and accessible and they are today,” Moe said during the Sept. 10 news conference.

After a 8203;promising initial uptake, COVID-19 vaccination rates have lagged in Saskatchewan, which, along with Alberta, ranks lowest among provinces 8203;according to federal data.

Responding to a reporters question, Moe shrugged off the notion that the timing of his governments announcement was related to Alberta premier Jason Kenneys rollout of public health measures Wednesday evening.

Moe instead framed the new measures as a continuation of last Fridays announcement.


In his response to the announced measures, Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili pounced on the proximity of Moes announcement to Kenneys, calling the measures long overdo.

Copying Jason Kenney’s too-little, too-late plan is not leadership, Meili said in a press release.

The opposition leader said Moe ignored the increasingly desperate voices of those who have been calling for a change in the provinces approach to managing the pandemic.


    Date: Sep 16, 2021
    Posted By: New Room

Saskatchewan confirmed 439 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, along with one new death.

This is the fifth day in a row Saskatchewan reported more than 400 new COVID-19 cases.

The province also announced new restrictions aimed at combatting the steadily rising COVID-19 cases. Effective September 17, masks will be mandatory in public indoor spaces across Saskatchewan. Premier Scott Moe said a proof-of-vaccination policy will be implemented beginning Oct. 1.

The temporary mask mandate will likely lift in October.

Moe will speak about the new restrictions at an event in Saskatoon 2 p.m. on Thursday. and will stream the press conference live.

The death reported Thursday was a person 80 years or older from the South West zone.

Of the 439 new cases, 347 are in unvaccinated people, while 20 are partially vaccinated and 72 are fully vaccinated.

A total of 97, or 22 per cent, are in the 0-11 age group. Children under 12 are not currently eligible to be vaccinated.

The new cases are located in the Far North West (22), Far North East (39), North West (61), North Central (42), North East (11), Saskatoon (124), Central West (eight), Central East (29), Regina (28), South West (five), South Central (seven) and South East (38) zones and 25 new cases have pending residence information.

The province currently has 218 people in hospital related to COVID-19, including 48 in intensive care.

The seven-day average of daily new cases is 438, or 36.4 per 100,000 population.


    Date: Sep 16, 2021
    Posted By: New Room

Carry the Kettle First Nation opened a new education centre focused on giving Indigenous people a second chance to finish high school.

Chief Long Lodge Education Centre, located just outside of Indian Head, is inviting young adults on the reserve who may have left school before they graduated to complete their Grade 12 requirements.

“We are trying to ensure that these kids reach those same heights, the same as any other child in their province,” Bob Kowalchuk, director of education for Carry the Kettle, said.

Currently there are 13 students between the ages of 16 and 21 participating in classes to receive their high school diplomas.

Kowalchuk said it is important to integrate the students back into the education system for their future.

“Many jobs require an entry level of Grade 12 standing. Many jobs, or university certainly, want you to have a high enough standard to get in,” Kowalchuk added.

Brady O’Watch, Chief of Carry the Kettle First Nation, said the idea has been fully supported since it was first brought to council.

“We all understand how important education is. We all know the opportunities it can bring,” Chief O’Watch said.

He added the First Nation is ensuring the students are getting the education needed to go to post secondary, but also education around Indigenous culture.

“We have teachers in here teaching that western way, but also we have a teepee, we have elders come speak about how important education is for themselves and how important it is for our people,” O’Watch stated.

The students will participate in traditional ceremonies, like pipe ceremonies, learn the Nakota language and learn about spirituality.

Sixteen-year-old Cheryl Francis is a student at the school. She said the program allows students to take their time to understand the course material and it’s not as strict as other schools she has been in.

“There’s good communication with the educators and the staff,” Francis said.

She said she hopes to go to business school and open her own business, adding getting her Grade 12 diploma will allow her to do that.

Carry the Kettle council believes Chief Long Lodge Education Centre is just the beginning.

It hopes to add a college or post secondary education to campus in the future.

“I want everything, we are going to push for every kind of program, everything that we can possibly get here,” councillor Conrad Medicinerope said.

Chief O’Watch said his dream is to educate the people on the reserve from birth until they are adults.

Currently, Chief Long Lodge Education Centre is fully funded by Indigenous Services Canada.


    Date: Sep 16, 2021
    Posted By: New Room

Four members of the community were tasked with competing to raise the most money in the sixth annual Stars Rescue on the Prairie fundraising event.

On Thursday morning, the participants were airlifted by STARS helicopter to an undisclosed location. There, they took part in several medical and aviation challenges, while contacting people in their personal networks to donate to the cause. Each participant needed to raise at least 50,000 to secure their flight back to Regina.

Wayne Morsky, board chair for Regina Exhibition Association Limited, was one of the participants.

“It’s a great cause, and I put my hand up right away when I was asked,” said Morsky.

Morsky said, while he has never needed to use STARS, he has had family and friends rely on the service.

“It’s something that I hope we never have to use, but when you do need it, it is there for you,” he said. “It’s a great cause. Especially now with all the things that have happened with our frontline workers. I wanted to put my support behind them.”

Ryan Saxon, participant and president of Border Insulators and RR Tank and Equipment, said it’s vital for our province to have STARS, especially given the rural nature of Saskatchewan.

“On the whole oil side of things, and also the farming as well. It’s such a big area to cover. It’s really important to have them,” Saxon said.

The 2020 Rescue on the Prairie event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2019 fundraiser, held near Saskatoon, raised more than 360,000 for the non-profit organization.

“Fifty per cent of our funding comes from the community. And every dime goes directly towards the mission,” said Andrea Robertson, STARS CEO. “It is critically important to keep us flying and there for the people of Saskatchewan.”

STARS expects to have the final fundraiser total on Friday.


    Date: Sep 16, 2021
    Posted By: New Room

Regina city council is pushing back its target date to require proof of vaccination from people entering city facilities.

Upon entry, visitors will have to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test as of Nov. 15, nearly two months after the original target date.

While Mayor Sandra Masters said she is confident the mask mandate at city facilities will keep people safe for the time being, it is possible proof of vaccination requirements are implemented sooner than the target date.

“I think with the mask mandate in place we have a little bit of peace of mind because we know masks reduce transmissibility,” Masters said.

“If the technology is there quicker, Chris Holden with his delegated authority will adjust that timeline accordingly.”

City manager Chris Holden said challenges with accessing QR codes is the main reason for changing the target date.

The province is expected to roll out QR technology next week. However, Holden said it will take time for the city to work out technical details with the codes and how they will be scanned at each facility.

Residents will need time to register for their MySaskHealthRecord in order to access the QR code, Holden said.

According to a city report, one additional staff member will be required at most facilities in order to complete the screening required. All public city facilities will have vaccination status checked at the door.

The city estimates it will cost 250,000 to activate proof of vaccination from Nov. 15 to the end of the year.

During Wednesday’s city council meeting, Saskatchewan Union of Nurses president Tracy Zambory spoke in support of the vaccine requirements. She said governments need to reinstate COVID-19 restrictions, such as proof of vaccination and mandatory masking, in order to curb the fourth wave.

“We’re on the brink of a tragedy,” Zambory said.

Ahead of Wednesday’s city council meeting, dozens of people gathered outside City Hall to protest against proof of vaccination.

One of the protest organizers, Tamara Lavoie, spoke to council arguing proof of vaccination goes against people’s rights and freedoms. She, like several of the other delegations, questioned Holden’s authority to make decisions regarding COVID-19 protocols.

In April 2020, city council passed a resolution to delegate specific authorities to the city manager to make decisions to respond to COVID-19. However, council does have the right to cancel or amend the decisions.

“I take that delegation very seriously,” Holden said, adding he is in regular talks with medical health professionals.

“At the end of the day I am accountable. I am accountable to the mayor and the ten councillors.”

In Saskatchewan, decisions to require proof of vaccination in businesses, organizations and institutions are left up to individual owners and governing bodies, which means city council is in its legal realm to request proof of vaccination.

In other parts of the country, these decisions are made at the provincial level.


    Date: Sep 16, 2021
    Posted By: New Room

Aaron Genests Grade 10 son sat in three different classrooms at a Saskatoon high school over three days with a student who later tested positive for COVID-19.

Conversations between kids being what it was, it was discovered that it was somebody that had sat beside him and was unvaccinated, said Genest, who added that the student hadnt been wearing a mask because it wasonly required in elementary classes at the citys public schools at that time. That has since been changed to include all grades.

Genest said he received a letter notifying him of the positive case, but there was no mandate for his son to self-isolate.

The same letter was sent to all parents in all classrooms that essentially said send your kid back to school and monitor for symptoms.

Saskatchewan does not require pupils who are close contacts of other students with COVID-19 to self-isolate unless the exposure happened at a party or other social gathering with peers outside school.

But if theyre exposed at school, they can continue to come to school and they just cant participate in extracurricular activities, and they have to wear a mask except when theyre eating, said Patrick Maze, president of the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation.

What makes it more complicated is that students are doing their own contact tracing, because of a lack of resources and emergency funding, Maze said. In most cases, schools arent told who has COVID-19, so staff are unable to enforce any restrictions.

Saskatoon Public Schools -- the largest division in Saskatchewan -- said the Saskatchewan Health Authority does not share the identity of a diagnosed student, so theres no way to know who is positive, let alone a close contact.

Its confusing, illogical and very difficult to put into practice, said Maze, who wants mandatory masking in all schools and proof of COVID-19 vaccination for staff and eligible students.

The Ministry of Health did not respond to requests for comment, but a public health order says close contact pupils are exempt from self-isolation requirements to reduce the societal burden associated with parental or guardian absence from work and to ensure children can continue in-person learning.

Genests son tested negative for COVID-19, but the self-isolation exemption in schools still caused the father worry.

I have a six-year-old at home who is not vaccinated, and there was a possibility my son could have carried it home to my younger son, and then the consequences could have been different, Genest said. So that was upsetting.

He believes school divisions should be trusted to know who has COVID-19 so they can be more proactive in their risk management.

Its perfectly reasonable the health status of individual children is shared with the school, Genest said. We do that if they have lice.

Saskatchewan faces its largest wave since the pandemic began and has some of the highest weekly case rates in the country.

On Wednesday, the province reported 475 new cases, 22 per cent of them in children under the age of 12, who are not eligible for a vaccine. Two children were reported in hospital with the virus.

Government data shows there were more than 140 cases in schools within the first two weeks of classes resuming, as well as 14 active outbreaks in daycares across the province.

Were seeing more cases this year in schools and daycares than we did last school year, said Margi Corbett, an advocate with Safe Schools Saskatchewan, a Facebook group of nearly 12,000 parents and teachers who track COVID-19 cases in schools.

Corbett said the group has been urging there be mandatory vaccinations and a provincewide mask mandate in all schools, but she said letters to Premier Scott Moe and the ministers of health and education are going unanswered.

Im terribly worried, said Corbett who has two grandchildren. I dont know how else to describe it.


    Date: Sep 16, 2021
    Posted By: New Room

A Saskatchewan ICU doctor says the healthcare system is “stretched” and doctors have to make difficult calls as the number of COVID-19 cases rises.

Dr. Lookman Abdul at Battleford Union Hospital says over 90 per cent of people that have ended up in ICU haven’t been vaccinated.

Alberta and Saskatchewan have the lowest vaccination rates in Canada, and the highest rates of COVID-19 per capita, according to federal health officials.

“You have to make a tough decision, who is the sickest, who is the youngest, who has more comorbidities or medical problems,” Abdul said.

He says ventilators aren’t allowed on medical wards and if there are no beds in the ICU, patients cant acces some specialized equipment or life support.

“And you have to look them in the face and say, we’ve got no beds in ICU so you’re going to get some substandard care instead of getting good care,” said Abdul.

Adbul adds most cancer surgeries are being cancelled right now due to the surge in COVID-19 patients and there isn’t enough staff available to handle an influx of patients from potential events like a car accident.

The Delta-variant-driven fourth wave is predominantly linked to low vaccine uptake, Abdul says.

“We know it prevents people from getting sick and it prevents death so people should go out and get vaccinated and hopefully we can turn things around,” said Abdul.

To suppress the fourth wave, people need to revive protocols and restrictions used to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the previous waves, said Adbul. He says people should wear masks, use proper handwashing and sanitization, practice physical distancing and limit contact with others and get vaccinated.


Residents in Saskatchewan care homes are receiving their third shot of vaccine to further protect against COVID-19.

Jim Van Eaton, 92, lives in a long term care home in Shellbrook, Sask.and got the shot an hour before CTV’s interview. He said he’s seen vaccines eradicate fatal diseases like polio, measles, mumps and tuberculosis.

“And if we could just get the social media to be a little bit more agreeable instead of trying to stop people from having it we could get back to a nearly normal life,” said Van Eaton.

Van Eaton said the pandemic lockdown at the care home in was difficult for residents, especially those with dementia.

“It was very, very difficult for most of the people that are residents,” Van Eaton said.

In the fourth wave, residents are having to live under a new set of visitor restrictions. In Parkland Terrace Long-term Care Facility, access is limited to the same two pre-screened visitors per resident and they are only allowed in one at a time.

Van Eaton says residents are affected by visitor restrictions. He wants the public to get vaccinated so life can on day return to normal.

“The people that refuse to get vaccinated in my personal opinion aren’t doing their part for their neighbours,themselves, their grandchildren, or anybody and I would just be so pleased if we could get the majority of the people to get the vaccine so that we could get back much more to normal then we’ve been in two years,” he said.

He also wants health care workers mandated to get the vaccine.

“I appreciate the fact we have very wonderful people working for us but if we don’t do something, I’m afraid that they’re going to get burned out,” Van Eaton said.


    Date: Sep 16, 2021
    Posted By: New Room

Four Canada-wide warrants have been issued following a lengthy human trafficking investigation by Saskatchewan RCMP.

In June 2019 the Saskatchewan RCMP Federal Serious and Organized Crime North Unit (FSOC – North) became aware of a suspected human trafficking group operating in western Canada with strong ties to Saskatchewan, according to an RCMP news release.

After an extensive investigation, Canada-wide warrants have been issued for four men:

Billy Glenold-Fluery (31)

Mali Jean (33)

Kenny Jouthe (30)

Bechir Ben Salah (32)

The men are charged with trafficking persons, material benefit(ing) from trafficking in persons and withholding or destroying identity documents.

They also face charges relating to participating in the activities of a criminal organization.

The men have ties to Saskatchewan, Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia, RCMP said.

Human trafficking is a crime which robs victims of their normal lives and freedom, said Insp. Andrew Farquhar, officer in charge of RCMP FSOC.

Investigators also believe there may be other victims who have not been identified during the course of the investigation who are urged to come forward if they require any assistance. Victims don’t often identify as victims, and human trafficking-related crimes are often underreported, which can make investigating files of this nature incredibly challenging.

RCMP has asked anyone with information on the investigation or the whereabouts of the accused is asked to contact their local police service, RCMP detachment or Crime Stoppers anonymously.


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