Date: Jun 09, 2021
    Posted By: Skip Wulff
Jimmie Allen recently wed his longtime love, Alexis Gale. Now, the couple has more happy news to share: they are expecting their second child together.

The couple shared the news on June 7 via Instagram, with Allen announcing the news with a funny mashup of iconic movie scenes. The movie concludes by showing a piece of paper with the names Jimmie, Lexi, Aadyn, Naomi and Baby Allen written on it. Meanwhile, Gale shared a slideshow of photos adorning her baby bump in a white ensemble and she captioned the photo with a dove emoji.

They also included snapshots with their two children — including their daughter Naomi and Allen’s son, Aadyn, from a previous relationship.

The couple wed in an intimate ceremony in May, and welcomed guests including Darius Rucker, Chuck Wicks and Tyler Rich. Allen and Gale got engaged at Disney World in July 2019.

Allen currently has a Top 40 hit with his duet with Brad Paisley, “Freedom Was a Highway.” He also has two No. 1 singles to his credit, including the two-week chart-topper “Best Shot,” as well as “Make Me Want To.”


    Date: May 03, 2021
    Posted By: Skip Wulff
Jake Owen recently shared a photo from his daughter Paris’ second birthday—but it wasn’t quite the typical birthday snapshot one would expect. Owen shared that his daughter spent her birthday in the hospital at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville.

“Our little sweet Paris is TWO years old today,” he said in an Instagram post. “Never imagined spending her bday in the hospital.” Though Owen did not detail why his daughter was in the hospital, he did tell fans that she is getting better. Owen and his fiancée Erica welcomed daughter Paris Harley into the world in April 2019.

“She seems to be doing a lot better and Erica and I are very thankful and overwhelmed by the kindness and support that so many of y’all out there have shown to us,” Owen said in his Instagram post. “Hoping to go home soon and blow some candles out! Love y’all.”

Owen’s current hit, “Made For You,” penned by Neil Medley, Benjy Davis and Joey Hyde, is on the verge of becoming another chart-topper for the entertainer.


    Date: Mar 20, 2021
    Posted By: Skip Wulff
While quarantining at home after Trisha Yearwood contracted COVID-19 late last month, her husband, Garth Brooks, notes that they had “hard conversations about their relationship.” The revelation was made during a recent appearance by the “Friends In Low Places” vocalist on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

“I think 99.9 of people wouldn’t have done what I [did], but I thought since we’re here, and we ain’t got nowhere to go, let’s just attack some of the hardest things over the 15 years that bugs one of us, right?” Brooks continues, “It was like living in a little house. You couldn’t go anywhere, so you couldn’t walk away from the conversation. And I thought it was great. I think we came out the other end even closer and tighter than we were when we went in.”

“If you can talk about the hard stuff, it’s good. And we’re in this for the long haul,” Yearwood added.

“The Queen and I have now tested twice, and officially, she’s diagnosed as ’on her way out of the tunnel’ now, though, which I’m extremely thankful for,” Brooks noted regarding Yearwood now testing COVID-negative. “Anyone who knows me knows my world begins and ends with Miss Yearwood, so she and I will ride through this together.”

Regarding more positive topics — like their 2020-released cover of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born song “Shallow,” Yearwood was unsure if Gaga, 34, or Cooper, 46, had heard their take.

“As [far as we know], we think they love it,” Yearwood said.


    Date: Jan 20, 2021
    Posted By: Skip Wulff
Early on Tuesday morning (Jan. 19), Eric Church shared the news on Twitter that he’d be singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the upcoming Super Bowl LV.

But he won’t be doing it alone. This year, when the time comes for the national anthem at the game on Feb. 7, Church will be sharing the stage on the field of the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa with RB singer-songwriter Jazmine Sullivan. According to ESPN, the performances will be done in real life before the game, despite rumors that it would be a virtual performance.

This will be the first time since 2017 — when Luke Bryan performed the national anthem at the NRG Stadium in Houston — that a country artist has been part of the patriotic gig. Before Bryan, Carrie Underwood sang her all-American heart out at the Sun Life Stadium just outside of Miami in 2010. Other country stars to sing our country’s anthem at the Super Bowl include The Chicks, Faith Hill, Garth Brooks and Charley Pride.

The Super Bowl LV will be broadcast live on Feb. 7 at 5:30 p.m. CT on CBS.


    Date: Dec 24, 2020
    Posted By: Skip Wulff
Before this unprecedented year is — God willing — over, we wanted to do a little more celebrating of songwriting legends thanks to our friends at BMI. They’ve created a virtual salute to Dolly Parton, and it features today’s artists talking extensively about all of the ways that Parton inspired them. “In honor of our awards and her book, Songteller, Dolly joins us for a personal conversation with seven of our award-winning BMI songwriters who discuss their favorite Dolly songs, her impact on the art and craft of songwriting,” they shared, “and just how much she means to them.”

We shared Luke Bryan’s thoughts on Parton, and now we are sharing Carrie Underwood’s.

But spoiler alert, there will be tears. So you might want to prepare yourself with tissues when Underwood starts talking through her tears about the legacy of Parton.

“I think her true legacy is how she has made the world better,” Underwood says. “She could’ve just been Dolly Parton and taken her money and just lived for herself. But she was given gifts by God, and she takes them, she does the work, she uses them to glorify God, and she gives back. She cares about people. That’s her legacy.”

“I feel like I had even more of a connection with her when she talks about growing up and not having a lot to do and just having to rely on her imagination,” she adds. “That was very me. I just had me and what’s in here. I wish I’d spent that time writing like Dolly did.” Underwood says that now, there’s a pressure to have radio success and that there’s something of a formula to get you there. But Parton? That’s not the kind of success she was writing for.

“I feel like she never had a formula. Just her heart,” she says. “And people hear that and they get that. That’s really what is should be all about.

“And as far as her influencing my career: we’re all just trying to be Dolly, let’s be honest. She is somebody who has set an incredible example for us and paved such a path for us. If there was no Dolly, there would be no us.”

Underwood admits it’s almost impossible to pick her absolute favorite Dolly song, but she eventually lands on “I Will Always Love You.”

“It is so simple. It’s straight to the point. She’s not sugar coating it or trying to be too clever about anything. It’s the perfect thing to say,” she says, “and it gets right to it.”


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