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Trial for Regina man charged with murder of brother delayed due to health
POSTED DATE:Jun 05, 2023

New regulations announced for excessively noisy vehicles in Sask.
POSTED DATE:Jun 05, 2023

Hit and run that left vehicle on roof leads to gun charges for 2 people, Regina police say
POSTED DATE:Jun 05, 2023

Saskatchewan landowners fight against illegal drainage washing out land, roads
POSTED DATE:Jun 05, 2023

Dangerous driving arrest leads to numerous drug charges in Regina
POSTED DATE:Jun 05, 2023

Sask. NDP says education budget chaos is bad for kids, families
POSTED DATE:Jun 05, 2023

Heat warnings continue for Regina, eastern Sask., tornado watches issued further north
POSTED DATE:Jun 05, 2023

Canada facing critical shortages of leukemia and thyroid cancer drugs
POSTED DATE:Jun 05, 2023

Evacuation notice extended for residents as forest fire burns near Calabogie, Ont.
POSTED DATE:Jun 05, 2023

U.S driver accidentally takes wrong turn, ends up arrested at border with massive bag of cash
POSTED DATE:Jun 05, 2023

Heat warnings active for eastern Sask., storm watches persist in the north
POSTED DATE:Jun 04, 2023

Saskatoon teen set to race at U.S. motocross championship
POSTED DATE:Jun 04, 2023

Nova Scotians’ personal information stolen in global security breach: province
POSTED DATE:Jun 04, 2023

Macron announces France is sending 100 firefighters to Quebec
POSTED DATE:Jun 04, 2023

Wildfire tally tops 150 as thousands more evacuate northwestern Quebec
POSTED DATE:Jun 04, 2023

Unresponsive small plane over Washington causes military jet to scramble, later crashes in Virginia
POSTED DATE:Jun 04, 2023

Ukraine keeps up pressure following Russian declaration of victory in Bakhmut
POSTED DATE:Jun 04, 2023

The right steps: Sask. RCMP pre-cadet program offers glimpse into policing for Indigenous students
POSTED DATE:Jun 03, 2023

City officials ask drivers to avoid flooded underpasses as more rain on the way
POSTED DATE:Jun 03, 2023

Alcohol policies in every province, territory receive failing grade in meeting public health standards: report
POSTED DATE:Jun 03, 2023

More than 5,000 new species discovered at future deep-sea mining site in Pacific Ocean
POSTED DATE:Jun 03, 2023

North Korean leaders sister vows 2nd attempt to launch spy satellite, slams UN meeting
POSTED DATE:Jun 03, 2023

Weyburn police investigating theft of several high-powered firearms, ammunition
POSTED DATE:Jun 02, 2023

Regina man wanted in connection to taxi robbery arrested
POSTED DATE:Jun 02, 2023

Mosaic festival returns to the Queen City after 3 year hiatus
POSTED DATE:Jun 02, 2023

Following outcry, Sask. government pledges 40M top-up for education budget
POSTED DATE:Jun 02, 2023

Experts warn of rapid growth of IBD as number of Canadians diagnosed set to reach 470K by 2035
POSTED DATE:Jun 02, 2023

Edmonton teen bystander shot in downtown shooting during altercation: police
POSTED DATE:Jun 02, 2023

MLAs for Yorkton, Kindersley not seeking re-election in 2024, Sask. Party says
POSTED DATE:May 29, 2023

Motorist with sign claiming to have an explosive device drives to Canadian border
POSTED DATE:May 29, 2023

80 workers face layoffs as Olymel closes pig farms in Alberta and Saskatchewan
POSTED DATE:May 28, 2023

Three suspects charged, drugs and weapons seized following operation, Regina police say
POSTED DATE:May 27, 2023



Tina Turner, the unstoppable singer and stage performer who teamed with husband Ike Turner for a dynamic run of hit records and live shows in the 1960s and `70s and survived her horrifying marriage to triumph in middle age with the chart-topping Whats Love Got to Do With It, has died at 83.

Turner died Tuesday, after a long illness in her home in Kusnacht near Zurich, Switzerland, according to her manager. She became a Swiss citizen a decade ago.

Few stars travelled so far -- she was born Anna Mae Bullock in a segregated Tennessee hospital and spent her latter years on a 260,000 square foot estate on Lake Zurich -- and overcame so much. Physically battered, emotionally devastated and financially ruined by her 20-year relationship with Ike Turner, she became a superstar on her own in her 40s, at a time when most of her peers were on their way down, and remained a top concert draw for years after.

How do we say farewell to a woman who owned her pain and trauma and used it as a means to help change the world? Angela Bassett, who played Turner in the 1993 biopic Whats Love Got to Do With It, said in a statement.

Through her courage in telling her story, her commitment to stay the course in her life, no matter the sacrifice, and her determination to carve out a space in rock and roll for herself and for others who look like her, Tina Turner showed others who lived in fear what a beautiful future filled with love, compassion, and freedom should look like.

With admirers ranging from Mick Jagger to Beyonce to Mariah Carey, the Queen of Rock n Roll was one of the worlds most popular entertainers, known for a core of pop, rock and rhythm and blues favourites: Proud Mary, Nutbush City Limits, River Deep, Mountain High, and the hits she had in the 80s, among them Whats Love Got to Do with It, We Dont Need Another Hero and a cover of Al Greens Lets Stay Together.

Her trademarks included a growling contralto that might smoulder or explode, her bold smile and strong cheekbones, her palette of wigs and the muscular, quick-stepping legs she did not shy from showing off. She sold more than 150 million records worldwide, won 12 Grammys, was voted along with Ike into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991 (and on her own in 2021 ) and was honoured at the Kennedy Center in 2005, with Beyonce and Oprah Winfrey among those praising her. Her life became the basis for a film, a Broadway musical and an HBO documentary in 2021 that she called her public farewell.

Until she left her husband and revealed their back story, she was known as the voracious on-stage foil of the steady-going Ike, the leading lady of the Ike and Tina Turner Revue. Ike was billed first and ran the show, choosing the material, the arrangements, the backing singers. They toured constantly for years, in part because Ike was often short on money and unwilling to miss a concert. Tina Turner was forced to go on with bronchitis, with pneumonia, with a collapsed right lung.

Other times, the cause of her misfortunes was Ike himself.

As she recounted in her memoir, I, Tina, Ike began hitting her not long after they met, in the mid-1950s, and only grew more vicious. Provoked by anything and anyone, he would throw hot coffee in her face, choke her, or beat her until her eyes were swollen shut, then rape her. Before one show, he broke her jaw and she went on stage with her mouth full of blood.

Terrified both of being with Ike and of lasting without him, she credited her emerging Buddhist faith in the mid-1970s with giving her a sense of strength and self-worth and she finally left in early July 1976. The Ike and Tina Turner Revue was scheduled to open a tour marking the countrys bicentennial when Tina snuck out of their Dallas hotel room, with just a Mobil credit card and 36 cents, while Ike slept. She hurried across a nearby highway, narrowly avoiding a speeding truck, and found another hotel.

I looked at him (Ike) and thought, `You just beat me for the last time, you sucker, she recalled in her memoir.

Turner was among the first celebrities to speak candidly about domestic abuse, becoming a heroine to battered women and a symbol of resilience to all. Ike Turner did not deny mistreating her, although he tried to blame Tina for their troubles. When he died, in 2007, a representative for his ex-wife said simply: Tina is aware that Ike passed away.

Ike and Tina fans knew little of this during the couples prime. The Turners were a hot act for much of the 1960s and into the 70s, evolving from bluesy ballads such as A Fool in Love and Its Going to Work Out Fine to flashy covers of Proud Mary and Come Together and other rock songs that brought them crossover success.

They opened for the Rolling Stones in 1966 and 1969, and were seen performing a lustful version of Otis Reddings Ive Been Loving You Too Long in the 1970 Stones documentary Gimme Shelter. Bassett and Laurence Fishburne gave Oscar-nominated performances in Whats Love Got to Do with It, based on I, Tina, but she would say that reliving her years with Ike was so painful she couldnt bring herself to watch the movie.

Ike and Tinas reworking of Proud Mary, originally a tight, mid-tempo hit for Creedence Clearwater Revival, helped define their sexual aura. Against a background of funky guitar and Ikes crooning baritone, Tina began with a few spoken words about how some people wanted to hear songs that were nice and easy.

But theres this one thing, she warned, you see, we never ever do nothing nice and easy.

We always do it nice -- and rough.

But by the end of the 1970s, Turners career seemed finished. She was 40 years old, her first solo album had flopped and her live shows were mostly confined to the cabaret circuit. Desperate for work, and money, she even agreed to tour in South Africa when the country was widely boycotted because of its racist apartheid regime.

Rock stars helped bring her back. Rod Stewart convinced her to sing Hot Legs with him on Saturday Night Live and Jagger, who had openly borrowed some of Turners on-stage moves, sang Honky Tonk Women with her during the Stones 1981-82 tour. At a listening party for his 1983 album Lets Dance, David Bowie told guests that Turner was his favourite singer.

She was inspiring, warm, funny and generous, Jagger tweeted Wednesday. She helped me so much when I was young and I will never forget her.

More popular in England at the time than in the U.S., she recorded a raspy version of Lets Stay Together at EMIs Abbey Road studios in London. By the end of 1983, Lets Stay Together was a hit throughout Europe and on the verge of breaking in the states. An A&R man at Capitol Records, John Carter, urged the label to sign her up and make an album. Among the material presented was a reflective pop-reggae ballad co-written by Terry Britten and Graham Lyle and initially dismissed by Tina as wimpy.

I just thought it was some old pop song, and I didnt like it, she later said of Whats Love Got To Do With It.

Turners Private Dancer album came out in May 1984, sold more than eight million copies and featured several hit singles, including the title song and Better Be Good To Me. It won four Grammys, among them record of the year for Whats Love Got to Do With It, the song that came to define the clear-eyed image of her post-Ike years.

People look at me now and think what a hot life I must have lived -- ha! she wrote in her memoir.

Even with Ike, it was hard to mistake her for a romantic. Her voice was never pretty, and love songs were never her specialty, in part because she had little experience to draw from. She was born in Nutbush, Tennessee in 1939 and would say she received no love from either her mother or father. After her parents separated, she moved often around Tennessee and Missouri, living with various relatives. She was outgoing, loved to sing and as a teenager would check out the blues clubs in St. Louis, where one of the top draws was Ike Turner and his Kings of Rhythm. Tina didnt care much for his looks the first time she saw him, at the Club Manhattan.

Then he got up onstage and picked up his guitar, she wrote in her memoir. He hit one note, and I thought, `Jesus, listen to this guy play.

Tina soon made her move. During intermission at an Ike Turner show at the nearby Club DLisa, Ike was alone on stage, playing a blues melody on the keyboards. Tina recognized the song, B.B. Kings You Know I Love You, grabbed a microphone and sang along. As Tina remembered, a stunned Ike called out Giirrlll!! and demanded to know what else she could perform. Over her mothers objections, she agreed to join his group. He changed her first name to Tina, inspired by the comic book heroine Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, and changed her last name by marrying her, in 1962.

In rare moments of leniency from Ike, Tina did enjoy success on her own. She added a roaring lead vocal to Phil Spectors titanic production of River Deep, Mountain High, a flop in the U.S. when released in 1966, but a hit overseas and eventually a standard. She was also featured as the Acid Queen in the 1975 film version of the Whos rock opera Tommy. More recent film work included Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and a cameo in Whats Love Got to Do with It.

Turner had two sons: Craig, with saxophonist Raymond Hill; and Ronald, with Ike Turner. (Craig Turner was found dead in 2018 of an apparent suicide). In a memoir published later in 2018, Tina Turner: My Love Story, she revealed that she had received a kidney transplant from her second husband, former EMI record executive Erwin Bach.

Turners life seemed an argument against marriage, but her life with Bach was a love story the younger Tina would not have believed possible. They met in the mid-1980s, when she flew to Germany for record promotion and he picked her up at the airport. He was more than a decade younger than her -- the prettiest face, she said of him in the HBO documentary -- and the attraction was mutual. She wed Bach in 2013, exchanging vows at a civil ceremony in Switzerland.

Its that happiness that people talk about, Turner told the press at the time, when you wish for nothing, when you can finally take a deep breath and say, `Everything is good.



Justin Moore first met Priscilla Block when they played together at a charity event about two years ago. He felt sorry for the North Carolina native, who was about 25 years old at the time. She didnt have any hits yet and was the only girl on stage with a group of men who, in some cases, were well over a decade older than her.

Moore remembered how it felt to be in that position, when artists line up on stage with their guitars, and everyone but the newcomer has a No. 1 song to play.

That, to me, was always like, Why am I here? he said. This sucks. But she stole the show. Her rapport with the audience was great, she sang great, and the songs were great.

A couple of months later, when he was pitched You, Me and Whiskey, he thought of Block.

I thought, Man, thatd be cool if that Priscilla girl would do this, he said. She said, Yeah. Now weve gotten to know each other a lot better. Shes really talented. I think shes got a really bright future ahead. She cracks me up, too. She kind of reminds me of me a little bit when I first started.

You, Me and Whiskey is from Moores new album Stray Dog, which is out now. The album is Moores seventh on The Valory Music Co., and includes the song Everybody Get Along with Riley Green and his hit “With A Woman You Love.”

Ive been a big Justin fan for a long time, Block said. His musics just really country, and I love that. The duet was such an easy yes. It feels like I could have written the song, so yeah, this is my first duet and thats huge.

Over the course of his career, Moore has recorded songs with Miranda Lambert, Vince Neil of Motley Crue, Charlie Daniels, Hank Williams Jr., Brantley Gilbert and more. However, You, Me and Whiskey is the first duet Moore has released to country radio.

He said his duet with Riley Green reminds him of an old Hank Williams Jr and Willie Nelson duet that mimics a conversation.

I say a line, he sings a line, so its kind of fun and funny at the same time, Moore said.

Get Rich or Drunk Trying is another song that makes Moore laugh. He was inspired to write the song when rapper 50 Cent released his 2003 debut Get Rich Or Die Tryin.

I thought, Thats a terrible alternative to not getting rich, Moore said. I thought to myself, Id rather get drunk if I dont get rich.

Moore wrote Everybody Get Along with David Lee Murphy and Jeremy Stover. Moore and Stover, along with Casey Beathard and Paul DiGiovanni, penned Get Rich or Drunk Trying.

Both songs are funny, he said. Ive kind of always had humor intertwined in my music.

The Arkansas-based singer might be laughing on stage, but the father of four explained hes the father of a teenage girl now, which is no laughing matter. Moore and his wife Kate are parents to four children, and their oldest, Ella, turned 13 in February.

It sucks, Moore said. She doesnt come out of her room. Ive seen her room. Its not that spectacular. I mean, not to stay in there eight hours a day.

Ella also just went to a dance with a boy for the first time. Moore hated it and said it made him grouchy for a week.

My wifes like, Its no big deal, he said. I go, It is a big deal. Its a big deal. They did the whole thing, the hair getting done, the makeup – I cant stand it. I was not happy, but its part of life, and I know its normal. Theres nothing wrong with it, but as a dad, I still hate it.

Moore has tried to structure his career around his family since he and his wife started having kids. He wanted them to grow up in Arkansas around his parents, and Kates parents live there, too. He also coaches them in baseball, softball and basketball. Moore and his family are sports fanatics, and he spends hours at ball practice almost every day he isnt on the road. He started coaching when Ella was 5 years old. She started playing at 4, and thats when he and his wife discovered that the singer couldnt watch patiently from the stands.

It was one of those first years Im sitting there going, Theyre costing us runs by not running these kids, Moore said. I did this the whole game. Kate goes, Youre effing coaching next year because Im not going to put up with this, you sitting here doing this. So Ive been coaching ever since.

Ella now plays on a junior high team that Moore doesnt coach. Her first game was the only time in eight years that Moore had to sit in the stands and watch.

I sat like a normal parent and absolutely hated it, he said. She played good. Shes better than I was.

Moore said its important to him to coach his kids because his father did it for him. His father didnt have a career in country music, but he worked and was exhausted for 18 years while going to work and coaching Moore in sports.

I know that I only have this small window of time to do these things, and when its over, its over, he said. Ive realized youre just kind of whooped for 18 years. But you know, those are memories that we get to create.

He laughed, then added: I love sports probably more than music, to be honest. I just stop growing at 56, or Id be doing that.



The popular television western Yellowstone with Kevin Costner will end this fall and be replaced almost immediately by a sequel. But like any good drama, theres some mystery involved.

The sequel, still untitled, will premiere December on the Paramount cable network, which also televises Yellowstone, Paramount said on Friday.

Behind Costner, who plays Montana rancher John Dutton, series creator Taylor Sheridan launched a phenomenon. The opening of its fifth season last November was seen by 12.1 million viewers on the night of its debut, more people than any other scripted series last fall -- a remarkable feat for a show not on a broadcast network.

Weve been able to create a show that didnt start out being popular but did it on its own terms, Costner told The Associated Press last fall.

Yellowstone will wrap up with new episodes airing in November; how many was not announced on Friday. Those episodes havent been filmed yet, and its not clear whether Costner will participate following reports that he may want out of the series.

Paramount would not comment on that Friday, with a spokesperson saying only, Kevin Costner is a big part of Yellowstone and we hope thats the case for a long time to come.

David Glasser, CEO of 101 Studios, which produces Yellowstone with MTV Entertainment, said the new series will be picking up where Yellowstone leaves off in another epic tale. While the series hasnt been named, the word Yellowstone will be part of the title -- an important distinction because that wasnt the case for spinoffs like 1883 or 1923.

Paramount has denied published reports that actor Matthew McConaughey is signed to star in the sequel. But a spokesperson said Friday that McConaughey is a phenomenal talent with whom wed love to partner.

Following its debut on the cable network, the sequel will also air on the Paramount+ streaming network.

Thats a hugely important distinction for the company. Yellowstone streams on NBC Universals Peacock service, owned by Comcast, meaning a big chunk of revenue created by the popular drama has been going elsewhere.



Jimmie Allen revealed on Instagram Friday night that he and his wife, Alexis, are separating – and that she is pregnant with their third child.

After much thought and reflection in recent months, Lex & I have made the decision to separate, he wrote on Instagram. As we navigate this life change, we can also share that we will be welcoming another child together later this year.

Allen reiterated their top priority is and will always be ensuring our children are healthy, happy and loved.

The singer said they remain committed to co-parenting with love and respect for one another.

The couple is already parents to daughters Naomi and Zara and Allen has a son, Aaydn, from a previous relationship. The couple met in 2019 and were married in 2021.

Allen disabled the comments on his post and said that in light of their growing family, they respectfully request privacy.

The Delaware native has No. 1 hits, including Make Me Want To and Freedom Was A Highway. He recently concluded a tour with Carrie Underwood.



Russell Dickerson and his wife Kailey Dickerson are seeing blue – again!

The country couple, already parents to 2˝-year-old son Remington, revealed on social media that theyre expecting a second son.

God gave me a…. BOY! Kailey wrote. So grateful we get to tell you Remington is going to be a big brother this fall!! 🎉🎉

Kailey employed Remington to share the news with his dad. In the first of two video clips on social media, the mother held up a positive pregnancy test and said, Oh my gosh. Then she asked the toddler to hold the tests and suggested they take those to the singer.

Russell, who was working outside, was surprised by the special delivery.

No way! he exclaimed before breaking into a huge smile.

The second clip shows the couples gender reveal. While the babys sex was supposed to be a secret from the parents, someone added the gender to the subject line of an email, and Russell saw it. He executed a special surprise for his wife, complete with blue balloons, streamers and their son in a blue wig.  

Members of the country music community wasted no time sharing their congratulations. 


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