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Tuesday Jan 31, 2023 5:45 pm


Class action lawsuit launched against Home Depot following investigation
POSTED DATE:Jan 31, 2023

Regina man facing weapons and drug charges after stolen vehicle incident: police
POSTED DATE:Jan 31, 2023

Regina man arrested after police found pepper spray in stolen vehicle
POSTED DATE:Jan 31, 2023

Evraz to lay off more than 100 workers at Reginas steel mill
POSTED DATE:Jan 31, 2023

Sask. RCMP search for man suspected of sexually assaulting girl in arena dressing room
POSTED DATE:Jan 31, 2023

Discovery in Canadian lab could make laptop and phone batteries last longer
POSTED DATE:Jan 31, 2023

U.S. launches second USMCA dispute panel as dairy battle with Canada goes to Round 2
POSTED DATE:Jan 31, 2023

Boeing bids farewell to an icon, delivers last 747 jumbo jet
POSTED DATE:Jan 31, 2023

Loblaw ends No Name price freeze, vows flat pricing wherever possible
POSTED DATE:Jan 31, 2023

Toronto man sentenced to more than 8 years after pleading guilty in 2 violent sexual assault cold cases
POSTED DATE:Jan 31, 2023

Ukraine pushes for Western fighter jets after tank deals
POSTED DATE:Jan 31, 2023

Man arrested after threatening taxi driver with a knife: Regina police
POSTED DATE:Jan 29, 2023

COVID is not done, Canadian infectious disease expert says ahead of WHO announcement
POSTED DATE:Jan 29, 2023

Pair of speeders caught around Regina, leading to more than 1k in fines
POSTED DATE:Jan 28, 2023

New trial ordered for Sask. man whose drug trafficking charges were stayed due to COVID-19 delays
POSTED DATE:Jan 28, 2023

The downtown represents the spirit of the city: Local groups calling for downtown revitalization with major catalyst projects
POSTED DATE:Jan 28, 2023

CRA head says it wouldnt be worth the effort to review all ineligible pandemic payments
POSTED DATE:Jan 28, 2023

More medical professionals on track to join Sask. healthcare system
POSTED DATE:Jan 28, 2023

Inflation-focused Pierre Poilievre back to Parliament as health-care talks loom
POSTED DATE:Jan 28, 2023

Heres how much rent will cost the average tenant in Regina
POSTED DATE:Jan 26, 2023

Regina police officer catches 11 drivers using mobile devices in 3 shifts
POSTED DATE:Jan 26, 2023

Canada sending 4 battle tanks to Ukraine, maybe more later: Anand
POSTED DATE:Jan 26, 2023

Tips to protect your personal information online
POSTED DATE:Jan 26, 2023

U.S. infiltrates big ransomware gang: We hacked the hackers
POSTED DATE:Jan 26, 2023

Drugs seized after driver fails to slow to 60kmh passing emergency vehicle: Sask. RCMP
POSTED DATE:Jan 25, 2023

Province approves 750K sale of Broad Street liquor store to Reginas foodbank
POSTED DATE:Jan 25, 2023

Bank of Canada raises key interest rate again, signals pause in rate hikes
POSTED DATE:Jan 25, 2023

8 residents still displaced 1 year after fire at Carievale seniors home
POSTED DATE:Jan 24, 2023

Regina police warn of high-risk reoffender in Heritage neighbourhood
POSTED DATE:Jan 24, 2023

Nearly 1M Dollars lost in cryptocurrency scams in Swift Current, Maidstone in 2022: Sask. RCMP
POSTED DATE:Jan 23, 2023

Police operation investigating shots fired in northeast Regina concludes: RPS
POSTED DATE:Jan 23, 2023

Baby rescued from Lethbridge, Alta., home remains in hospital
POSTED DATE:Jan 23, 2023

Charges laid against Lethbridge parents in brutal assault of 6-week-old baby
POSTED DATE:Jan 21, 2023



Live Nation president and CFO Joe Berchtold will detail how disruption caused by bots makes ticket-buying worse for everyone, calling for government action.

Don’t expect Live Nation’s Joe Berchtold to be quoting Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” during Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on ticketing. Unlike the pop star’s “I’m the problem it’s me” chorus-turned-meme, the company’s president and CFO plans to take aim at who he says are the real culprits behind Swift’s disastrous Nov. 15 presale: scalpers.

While the Live Nation-owned Ticketmaster was villainized for weeks following the presale for Swift’s upcoming The Eras Tour that both broke single-day sales records and threw fans into a fury over service issues, according to a prepared opening statement reviewed by Billboard, Berchtold plans to lay much of the blame on scalpers who used illegal bots to attack the online sale. The statement — to be delivered Tuesday (Jan. 24) in Washington, D.C., to the committee led by ranking member Dick Durbin (D-Ilinois) — details Ticketmaster’s ongoing “arms race” against scalpers who are illegally using autonomous software to disrupt and attack high profile ticket sales. Country music legend Garth Brooks is lending his support to Berchtold’s testimony as well, with a letter defending Ticketmaster and attacking ticket scalpers who use illegal methods to buy up tickets.

“We knew bots would attack [Swift’s] onsale, and planned accordingly,” reads Berchtold’s planned statement. “We were then hit with three times the amount of bot traffic than we had ever experienced, and for the first time in 400 Verified Fan onsales they came after our Verified Fan access code servers. While the bots failed to penetrate our systems or acquire any tickets, the attack required us to slow down and even pause our sales. This is what led to a terrible consumer experience that we deeply regret.”

Following the Nov. 15 presale, Ticketmaster eventually canceled its general onsale for the remaining 170,000 tickets to Swift’s tour. In December, the company announced a new strategy to sell the passes over the course of four weeks and recently concluded that effort. At the time, the company said “historically unprecedented demand” caused the failure, but blamed bots then, too — saying that 14 million fans and more than 3 billion bots hit the site. That excuse did little to satisfy the more than 100,000 fans who were kicked out of line during the bot attack, and even Swift spoke out blaming the company. With many fans calling for Ticketmaster’s punishment and several even taking legal action against the company, Berchtold also plans to apologize directly to Swift and her followers.

“As we said after the onsale, and I reiterate today, we apologize to the many disappointed fans as well as to Ms. Swift,” his statement reads.

While Berchtold notes Ticketmaster “accepts its responsibility to be the first line of defense against bots in this ever-escalating arms race,” he intends to shift the hearing’s focus to policy changes that could tamp down on scalpers.

“In this forum where we are here to discuss public policy, we also need to recognize how industrial scalpers breaking the law using bots and cyberattacks to try to unfairly gain tickets contributes to an awful consumer experience,” his statement reads. “We are doing everything we can to fight the people who attack our onsales and steal tickets meant for real fans, but we need help passing real reforms to stop this arms race.”

Brooks, in his statement, supports this notion.

“The crush of bots during an on-sale is a huge reason for program failure NO MATTER WHO THE TICKET SELLING COMPANY is,” writes the country icon in his letter addressed to Congress. “And the one who ALWAYS pays for this atrocity is the customer, the LAST one on whom that burden should fall.”

Brooks notes in his letter that he forced Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to allow him to use Ticketmaster to sell tickets to his April concert at AT&T Stadium instead of SeatGeek, which held the exclusive contract to ticket the stadium.

“I had grown to love and trust the people at Ticketmaster so much,” he explained in his letter, noting, “this was not because of Ticketmaster, but a choice I made.”

Berchtold will be joined on the witness stand by SeatGeek chief executive Jack Groetzinger and longtime Chicago promoter Jerry Mickelson with JAM Productions, along with recording artist Clyde Lawrence and representatives from the James Madison Institute and American Antitrust Institute.

Ticketmaster officials are expecting a pile on, both from Congress and the other testifying witnesses. SeatGeek has filed a number of complaints against Ticketmaster with the Department of Justice for alleged anti-trust violations, and Mickelson condemned the merger between Live Nation and Ticketmaster when he testified before Congress in 2010. While company officials aren’t expecting any standing ovations, Berchtold’s testimony will be an important preview of the company’s framing of the challenges facing the business over the next couple of years and promises to be the most detailed defense of Live Nation by an executive in its 18-year history.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota) originally called for this hearing in response to public anger over the technical failures of the Taylor Swift Eras ticket sale. But the witness list and the name of the hearing, “That’s the Ticket: Promoting Competition and Protecting Consumers in Live Entertainment,” released Monday, suggest that the hearing is more likely to focus on long-simmering dissatisfaction over the 2010 consent decree governing the merger of Ticketmaster and Live Nation. That consent decree has had mixed success in creating a level playing field for competition in the ticketing business, and critics consider it a failure because it didn’t prevent Ticketmaster from becoming the dominant ticketing company it is today.

“We hear people say that ticketing markets are less competitive today than they were at the time of the Live Nation-Ticketmaster merger. That is simply not true,” read Berchtold’s statements, claiming Ticketmaster’s market share has decreased since the DOJ estimated it held 80% of the market in 2009.

At the time, Ticketmaster “did not face the level of competition we face today from new competitors including SeatGeek, AEG’s AXS, and Eventbrite, along with established competitors including Tickets.com and Paciolan,” Berchtold continues. “Today, there is intense competition for every ticketing contract that goes out to bid — far more than there was in 2010. Ticketmaster has lost, not gained, market share, and every year competitive bidding results in ticketing companies getting less of the economic value in a ticketing contract while venues and teams get more. The bottom line is that U.S. ticketing markets have never been more competitive than they are today, and we read about new potential entrants all the time.”

Berchtold plans to present the threat posed by bad actors and malicious software as an issue both the government and the private sector must address together. The strategy shifts part of the criticism for the Taylor Swift ticket debacle onto the Senate — which unanimously voted to pass the BOTS act in 2016, effectively outlawing automated ticket-buying technology. Since its passage, the law has only been enforced twice by the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission, despite pleas from Ticketmaster officials that bot attacks on high-profile ticket sales are increasing in frequency and complexity, sources tell Billboard. Berchtold also plans to detail how the company has spent more than $1 billion developing technology to prevent bot attacks on the company’s ticket sales using software like Verified Fan and digital ticketing.

A “blame the bots” strategy is not likely to satisfy the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which includes such conservative and liberal firebrands such as Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Josh Hawley (R-Missouri), John Kennedy (R-Louisiana), Diane Feinstein (D-California), Corey Booker (D-New Jersey) and Richard Blumenthal (D-New Jersey). Anti-Ticketmaster sentiment and criticism of the 2010 merger between Ticketmaster and Live Nation is one of the few issues of bipartisan agreement on Capitol Hill.

Berchtold will end his testimony laying out calls to action he believes Congress can take to combat bad actors in the ticketing industry. First is empowering private parties like Ticketmaster to bring civil actions against ticket sellers who knowingly sell tickets obtained by bots. Second, Berchtold believes Congress should act to outlaw deceptive sales practices like speculative ticket sales, “offering for sale tickets you don’t own or have an existing right to obtain,” or deceptive sites that mislabel themselves as “the official” ticket seller for shows they aren’t contracted to work with.

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s “That’s the Ticket: Promoting Competition and Protecting Consumers in Live Entertainment” begins at 10 a.m. EST on Tuesday.




The holidays can be a painful time of reflection for many, and on Monday, Walker Hayes posted a song on Instagram that acknowledged some of the most brutal losses of his life.

He put a lighthearted spin in the caption, writing, For restless people like me. He also kept the melody breezy and the first few lyrics light. A redemptive throughline carries the mid-tempo that, if delivered without the balance of hope, would be the raw-nerve diary of a man who has been pushed to his breaking point too many times in recent years.

Lyrics include: I got a seven year chip in my pocket and my hands aint fidgeting| I miss my dad, but Im glad I had one worth missing| I got a little girl up there with him and Jesus| Weve been through some sad, sad seasons| And I fell out of love with life| But this morning, Im just grateful to be alive.

Wearing a red Yall Life hat and a beige hoodie, Hayes set up his cell phone and delivered the acoustic version of the song outside his house in close-up range. He periodically looked at the camera and then looked away as if trying to be as honest as possible without breaking. He finished the song by calling it a ditty and saying his fingers are freezing.

Love, yall, Merry Christmas, he said.

Hayes dad died, Charles, died in 2021. The singers daughter Oakleigh died in childbirth in 2018. His wife Laneys uterus ruptured, and she nearly died, too.

Laney and I have cried a lot, Hayes told People, but one thing that makes me the happiest is how much love there has been around us. Weve had the most remarkable questions answered and advice given from people around our neighborhood and in meet-and-greet lines. People walk up to me and tell me their life, and its like, geez, thank you for sharing. I dont even know these people.

At the time, Hayes said playing shows was part of his healing process. And almost five years later, his career is healthier than ever. The Fancy Like singer recently announced his Duck Buck Tour that will launch in April near Chicago.

I cant wait to get back out on tour, Hayes said in a statement. Headlining an arena tour for the first time this past year was a dream come true. The whole family was able to come out, and the road has become our new home away from home. All the fans that have come out or will come out are making this dream a reality. I owe it all to them, and this next tour will be the biggest and best. I dont take for granted that they spent their hard-earned money on my shows, and I plan to make it well worth it!

For tickets or more information, visit walkerhayes.com.

2023 Duck Buck Tour:

  • April 13         Rosemont, IL                               Rosemont Theatre*
  • April 14          Peoria, IL                                     Peoria Civic Center*
  • April 20          Evansville, IN                              Ford Center*
  • April 21          Rogers, AR                                  Walmart AMP*
  • April 22          Oklahoma City, OK                    Paycom Center*
  • April 27          University Park, PA                    Bryce Jordan Center#
  • April 29          Wilmington, NC                          Live Oak Bank Pavilion#
  • May 4              Wichita, KS                                  INTRUST Bank Arena+
  • May 5              Morrison, CO                               Red Rocks Amphitheatre+
  • June 2             Gilford, NH                                  Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion#
  • June 3              Boston, MA                                  Leader Bank Pavilion#
  • June 9              Jacksonville, FL                         Dailys Place Amphitheater#
  • June 10           Boca Raton, FL                          Mizner Park Amphitheater*
  • June 17           Irving, TX                                    The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory*
  • June 22           Camdenton, MO                        Ozarks Amphitheatre#
  • June 23             Nashville, TN                            Ascend Amphitheater#
  • June 24            Orange Beach, AL                  The Wharf Amphitheater#
  • July 28              Raleigh, NC                                 Red Hat Amphitheater*
  • July 29               Charlotte, NC                         Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre*
  • Aug 3                St. Louis, MO                              Saint Louis Music Park*
  • Aug 4               Indianapolis, IN                           TCU Amphitheater at White River State Park*
  • Aug 5                Sterling Heights, MI                    Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre*

+Chris Lane + Nicolle Galyon

*  Ingrid Andress & BRELAND

# Ingrid Andress & Ray Fulcher



Tis the season for giving back, and country singer Tracy Lawrence is embracing the trend with both arms.

Lawrence opened his wallet to Middle Tennessee charities on Giving Tuesday, spotlighting organizations aimed at ending homelessness across the area. The Alibis singer gave $10,000 each to Safe Haven, People Loving Nashville, Shower Up, The Laundry Stop, Brooks House and Open Table.

His generosity comes on the heels of his annual Mission Possible Turkey Fry and Benefit Concert last week that cooked a record-breaking 1,200 turkeys to feed more than 9,600 hungry people this holiday season. In addition to his turkey fry, Lawrences following benefit concert featuring Gary Allan, Travis Denning, Alexandra Kay and Halfway to Hazard raised an additional $250,000 for Nashville Rescue Mission.

While we were able to reach new records at the Turkey Fry last week, we realize there is a growing need around Middle Tennessee that continues to need our support, Lawrence said in a statement. Were thankful for all our supporters that make it possible for us to lend a hand to multiple organizations.

The singers philanthropy doesnt stop there. In 2020, Lawrence and the organization added a celebrity golf classic to its annual list of events. The fundraiser, which happens every spring, has raised more than $800,000 for Middle Tennessee homeless charities.

Lawrence is capping a year that has seen his career ramping up again. With 18 No. 1 songs to his credit, the singer has capitalized on the surge in the popularity of 90s country music. He shared the stage this year with Jason Aldean and Brad Paisley and had a co-headlining tour with Clay Walker. He also hosts his nationally syndicated radio show Honky Tonkin With Tracy Lawrence and recently launched his first podcast, TLs Road House.

My management has done such a great job at getting my brand value back up and my visibility back up, Lawrence told Country Insider. I have a great social media team, a lot of good communication, and a lot of strategy meetings. Getting momentum is so hard, and once you get it, keeping it going is even harder.



Nickelback will headline Boots and Hearts next year, marking their first appearance at the country music festival.

Organizer Republic Live announced its headliners and a first batch of performers this morning.

It says the Canadian rockers will perform Friday, while country superstars Keith Urban and Tim McGraw will take to the stage on Saturday and Sunday.

The festival begins Thursday with a performance from Tim Hicks.

Republic Live says Josh Ross, Hardy, Dallas Smith, Lauren Alaina, Riley Green and Travis Denning are also set to perform.

The festival is scheduled for Aug. 10-13 in Oro-Medonte, Ont.



Carrie Underwood knows how to throw the ultimate girls night out. 

In the midst of her critically acclaimed The Denim & Rhinestones Tour  the eight-time GRAMMY Award winner released a high-energy music video for Hate My Heart, which became the No. 1 most-added single at country radio. 

The Shaun Silva-directed video finds Underwood and her girl squad coping with messy breakups. The cinematic clip begins like any popular rom-com with females acknowledging their self-worth and calling it quits on toxic relationships. 

Following several door slams and signs of frustration, Silva films the four ladies approaching their breakups in different ways. While one indulged in ice cream, another maxed-out her credit card online shopping. On the other hand, Underwood went to the gym to channel her rage. The multi-platinum artist displayed her incredibly toned legs on the treadmill and mind-boggling boxing skills.

If country music fans watch closely, the singer paid homage to her chart-topping classic Before He Cheats. A friend engraved her name into her exs leather seats of his car. 

Eventually, Underwood built up the courage to hit the town and reclaim her happiness. Without any convincing, her girl gang followed. The ladies head to a Carrie Underwood concert, the perfect place to heal a broken heart. The video captures the hitmaker riding a mechanical bull and crowd surfing. 

Towards the end of the clip, Underwood the fan ended up on stage with Underwood the country phenomenon. Her posse did the same and stepped in as the all-female band. While they were leaving the venue, they compared themselves to their alter-egos. 

I could totally be a rock star, said Underwood with a wink. 

The singer-songwriter and Silva filmed on location at Nashvilles Wildhorse Saloon. Silva served as the director for Underwood and Jason Aldeans music video for their award-winning duet If I Didnt Love You

The powerhouse vocalist co-wrote Hate My Heart alongside frequent collaborators Hillary Lindsey, David Garcia, and HARDY. The party-starting banger lives on Denim & Rhinestones, which was released in June. The songstress is currently on the first leg of her 43-city stop tour with Jimmie Allen as direct support. 

At a recent show in Texas, Kelsea Ballerini made a guest appearance and announced that the 2023 CMT Music Awards would be held in Austin at the Moody Center. The Subject To Change singer officially declared that Underwood, the most decorated artist in CMT Awards history, would perform at the star-studded affair. The 2023 CMT Music Awards will air on Sunday, April 2. 


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